3 Things I learnt from my professor

At the end of this month, my final thesis presentation is going to be held. And, my master student life will finally end.

There are 3 things I learnt from my professor along my 2 years struggling. 

  1. Libraries are more important architecture (I am studying in computer engineering). The reason why Intel has hard time trying to beat ARM and Windows Phone has hard time trying to beat Android and iOS is their environments are less nurtured. Even they have raw advantages over their competitors in previous works, their consumers (developers) are going to have hard time developing new products and services from it. It’s about providing a platform.
  2. Implement first, Peek later. My professor modeled and implemented his own CPU architecture without preliminary study. At the end, he found his work’s concept is same as one from another professor. Although, the concept is same, but in implementation at some point, they are going to get varied, and my professor’s CPU distinguishes from him.
  3. Be concise. I am working for science and engineering. To pinpoint problem, you have to cut out all other parameters to get a clear statement. I usually got CAPTALIZED email from my professor because I was not clear about what my problems were.

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