So Opens

I was curious about how many open software/computer hardware/IT projects out there. So, I went to Wikipedia and searched for them.

Here is a list of Open projects I have heard about it.

  • OpenCL – Use GPU to aid computation
  • OpenCV – Digital Image Processing library
  • Open Compute – Dreamed data center
  • OpenDocument – LibreOffice file format
  • OpenFlow – Software Defined Network
  • OpenGL – Graphic library
  • OpenID – Online ID standard
  • OpenJDK – Open source version of Java Development Kit
  • OpenMP – Concurrent programming API
  • OpenSSH – Connect to remote computer securely with style
  • OpenSSL – Internet browsing with encryption
  • OpenStack – Cloud Computing
  • OpenVPN – Private LAN over Internet
  • OpenRISC – Open RISC CPU architecture
  • Oauth – Log in with SNS

There are so many Open projects that I havn’t known. Open source world is so HUGEEEE!!

What list has you got?


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