JLPT Cheat Prevention Measures

Japan is really serious about doing wrong or bad. If a Japanese does it once, he is going to be ashamed for his life. This includes exam cheating. If one wants to cheat, he has to be this good. (That’s why Japan is AWESOME!)

I took JLPT N2 (2nd to the most difficult) on Dec 7. JLPT or Japanese Language Proficiency Test holds twice a year. I was surprised there were so many black hair people heading for this test (I’m also a part of this population *-*).

But that didn’t surprise me as much as cheat prevention measures proctors did in the room.

Here is the LIST

  1. No other items are allowed on a table except
    1. Exam question book
    2. Answer sheet
    3. Pencil
    4. Eraser
  2. Eraser must be pulled out from its wrap
  3. Overcoat on laps is checked before the exam starts
  4. Only watches without memory function are allowed to wear
  5. Smartphone must be turned off.
    1. Silence mode is not allowed
  6. Smartphone must be put in a provided envelope and put inside a bag
  7. Go under a table is not allowed
    1. If you need to get an item under a desk, raise your hand, a proctor will do it for you
  8. Stop doing exam immediately after the time is over

I cannot remember about penalty for each action, but they use card system as soccer. Yellow is for warning. Red is for penalty. There was one student trying to write answers after the time was up. All proctors surrounded him and gave a yellow card. The whole room was in chill.

That’s it. One intense afternoon.


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