Got Temp Root on AQUOS PHONE Xx Softbank 203SH

The story is long, click here to teleport to the guide! It had been very long time until I am finally freed from 2-year carrier contract from Softbank. Phones in Japan are not sim-free i.e. they are tied with a carrier either Docomo, Softbank or au. When you buy a phone, you instantly signed a 2-year contract with them (breaking a contract from them costs you 10,000 Yen). Phones themselves are not expensive because of this long-term contract. It gets huge amount of discount. But, that is just a deceiving trick. The true cost lies in the carrier fee. The fee alone costs about 6,000 Yen/mo. In my case, I had paid 8,000 Yen/mo, because the discount didn’t fully cover my phone price tag. Hence, if I broke a phone and bought a new one, I had to pay 8,000 + (3,000~) Yen/mo. This number is pretty big to me. In April and October, they are seasons for のりかえ or changing a carrier. People usually make a contract in these months, so after 2 years their contract will end in the same month. There is one month to decide whether to continue with the same carrier or changing to another. Most people change to other carriers because of larger discount from のりかえ campaign (Docomo, Softbank, au).

However, I am considering to take a different path not to join these big 3 carriers. I decided to use a service from a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). This is a new term gaining attention since last year. MVNOs target people who use a lot of data packets and make few phone calls in a month. They sell only sim cards with large data plan (+ phone number). The minimum price for (3GB) data plan with phone number is around 1,700 Yen/mo. It is only 1-year contract. However, these sim cards only work on sim-free phones i.e. not bought from big carriers. Sim-free phones range from 10,000 to 60,000 Yen. I have to buy a new phone, or I just unlock my phone, Sharp 203SH. Since my old phone is not going to work with MVNO, so I don’t have anything to lose. I went with unlocking my phone.


My phone is Sharp 203SH build 0030. I used this root suite, but I failed because the suite doesn’t support my build. I got temporary root privilege, but I couldn’t uninstall any bloatware (system apps they said). Again. do at your own risk.

My Environment

  • AQUOS PHONE Xx Softbank 203SH build S0030
    • Using Reset all does not revert build version back to the factory version
      • It reverts back to the latest installed build.
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit
    • System locale: Japanese


  1. Install the USB driver
  2. Extract the adb driver
  3. Connect a USB cable to the phone
    1. Change the USB connection mode to any mode except MTP mode
    2. Turn on System settings > Other settings > Developer options > USB debugging
  4. Install the adb driver
    1. Go to Device Manager and find the adb device (it has an exclamation sign)
    2. Right click and update the driver
    3. Navigate to the adb driver folder and let it install
  5. Download and extract the root suite
    1. It comes with adb. It means you don’t have to download a whole SDK.
  6. Change you system locale to Japanese and restart
Japanese locale
Important! Change to Japanese locale.

Get Temp Root

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At this point, we have temp root privilege. YAY! I lost root privilege after restart, so I continue the next step without restarting.

Unlock the phone (Failed)

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I stopped here, because it couldn’t unlock LSM. Continuing further is no point. This security module prevents it. I hope this guide will be useful for people having 203SH build S0024. They have better luck than mine unlocking their phone.

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3 thoughts on “Got Temp Root on AQUOS PHONE Xx Softbank 203SH

    1. Sorry to hear that happened to you.
      I havn’t played with rooting things so long time, so I cannot remember how to get around this kind of problems.
      You might want to check out some threads on

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