My minion is a home tutor and a drummer

It has been 2 weeks since the last post. I’m a bit disappointed that my minion did no progress over this period. He did not manage to finish any reading I asked him.

When I asked him “What is the current status?“.

The only answer I got was “I am reading one of our lab graduated student’s thesis“.

Then I asked him “Have you find any part you are interested in?“.

He said “No, I haven’t read that much.“.

Part of this is that I haven’t put pressure on him since it is only the 1st month of this academic year.

He showed up in the office about 2 times a week for a short period, but I don’t mind about office hour as long as he can finish assignments. After a bit of leisure talking with him, I learned that he is a home tutor to a senior high school student preparing for an entrance examination.

He is also a member of Titech folk song club. He is a drummer, and he is doing this role very well. He is going to perform with a singer from a popular band with his other club members in July (he told me in Japanese. not sure if I understand it correctly).

My music skill is comparable to banana.

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